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Clean Air Frome is alive and breathing

A community driven project that has developed network of home made air quality sensors in Frome, developed by Tech Shed Frome, in partnership with Frome Town Council. The aim is to empower the local community to understand the impacts of the air we breathe and to take action. We are so excited to launch this project. This reflects months of collaborative work between different people drawn from Tech Shed Frome. We wanted to start a dialogue with those really interested in the project, what we are learning and what’s next!   What we’ve learnt so far Everything seems so clean? The sensors are very sensitive and we think they are giving a good reading based on a small space around the area they are located. A Lot of them are at least 5 meters back from the road which from the readings indicate the quality is good. This is great news if we could all avoid walking by the road, but we’re keen to understand the quality closer to where we walk.  What’s next We’re looking a lot of things from: